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Our History
Our History

I Am Behind You! was founded by Vannu Gandhi, who feels she has been blessed with a wonderful life. However she watched her mother struggle with moving forward and taking care of her and her 2 siblings when her father passed away at a young age. Through the lessons she learned by watching her mother and feeling gratitude for the life she has now, she has been driven to give back and that’s why she created the program.

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Our Mission
Our Mission

Coach, Empower and Embrace through various programs and services offered to women, children and men to help drive social changes through mentoring and advocacy.

“I am Behind you” collaborates with Women Shelters to assist women and their children escaping violence. We offer free and confidential support so these survivors can deal with multitude of issues post abuse given many of them are isolated by their abusers and lacks basic life skills to move forward in life. Know more


What We Offer

Services We Provide

  • Creating goals and developing actions plans to transition from co-dependency to independency.
  • Creating a personal brand via social media and an online presence to market themselves in the corporate world.
  • Resume building, job search and interview preparation.
  • Complementary Wardrobe and Make-Over.
  • Relationship building within the community.

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Our Mentors

Help bring Positive Changes in Life. They will work with you to build goals and actionable plans that allow self-development, social engagement and income enhancement.
Committed to Inspire and motivate Mentee’s as they work towards achieving their dreams.
Free & Confidential Support.

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I Am Behind you team is committed to collaborate with community and affairs. We partner with various charitable organizations to run campaigns that allows us to drive awareness and raise funds towards Women Shelter. Please look out for our comping campaign.

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Ernestine's Women's Shelter Public Service Announcement (2017)
Ernestine's Women's Shelter Public Service Announcement (2017)

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Things Going Around UsLatest News & Events